Interview With Owner of ZetCasino and FEZbet

August 12, 2020

Alin, CEO of FEZbet and ZetCasino, shares his experience on working with Soft2Bet. These two brands have been a real pleasure and beneficial for both parties, being successful not only in terms of European markets, but also always ready to explore the other continents. Their stable and efficient approach to gradually conquering new regions is a great example of how work gets done throughout the whole iGaming industry. Keep reading to find out the story of success behind these two incredible establishments.

1) Why have you chosen Soft2bet as your main partner?

There were several factors but mostly because we have absolute trust in Soft2bet to help us deliver our business goals. We have also known Uri and the team for many years and value the skills and experience they have.

2) What were your initial ideas of how your online casino/sportsbook should look?

We had some concepts for the appearance of the product. Soft2bet helped us shape them into a top level product.

3) What processes did you go through before you started the implementation of your brand?

We spent quite a bit of time looking into the branding. It was important for us to make sure this part was correct. Then the Soft2bet team took over and did their magic.

4) What services and solutions did you choose to use?

We used almost all the services you provide. The CRM solution is perhaps the best in the industry. We started working with you to develop a casino brand and within months of that we knew we would launch a sportsbook product too.

5) What was the biggest benefit of having your online casino/sportsbook built by our experienced professionals?

Our background is in affiliate marketing, so we already had a substantial network in place. Building a new brand is difficult, so having someone to take on this challenge and deliver a product that is ultra competitive was the biggest benefit to us.

6) What advice would you give to other players on the market such as yourself?

Finding great partners is the most complicated part of this business. Partnering with Soft2bet has been one of our best strategic decisions so far. We would recommend anyone who is in a similar position to talk to Soft2bet and we're sure they will be able to help you.

Are You Ready For New Opportunities With Soft2Bet?

Now that you’ve learned how FEZbet and ZetCasino became so powerful, maybe it’s time to consider creating your own sportsbook or online casino? With Soft2Bet, you can get a custom solution from scratch. We’re always happy to do business with people who want to conquer the iGaming world! Drop us a line via

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