Standing out from the crowd with gamification

July 29, 2021

1. There’s a lot of talk about gamification within our industry, but do you think it has been backed up by real action?

Online casinos have been present for over twenty years, and regardless of regulatory and different requirements, the industry has flourished during that stage. That is somewhat due to people having always fancied gambling. However, the sector’s prosperity can also be attributed to its capability to acclimate to modern tendencies, the newest of which is gamification.

Casinos usually distinguish themselves through the promotional and payout preferences that they provide, but gamification has developed into another approach to stand out from the opposition. There’s a skyrocketing quantity of users who determine which operator to use according to the entertainment it can present through gamification. Get to the heart of the manner, and you could be at the head of affairs.

2. How does Soft2Bet implement gamification within its brands?

It all goes back to 2016 when we searched for means to enhance customer engagement and acquisition. And the projects we have delivered in the period since then have used gamification to achieve this. The likes of Cadabrus and Betinia have encountered a strong increase in the virtual audience reflecting the incorporation of unique gamification hallmarks.

Take a cue at our prevailing online casino called Cadabrus. Customers using the site can assemble loyalty points, collect achievements, and develop through its different account levels. Betinia, in the meantime, represents an entire city with five sports arenas, with betters endeavoring to secure the cherished trophy and its following bonuses.

3. What do you think will be the most important gamification trends going forward? Will, it simply be a case of enhancing existing features such as jackpots, or will there be new features released?

Casino games have been accessible on mobile phones for over a decade, however, such devices have become more universally available ever since, and as a result, the significance of mobile gaming has stepped up. Speaking of developers, they must optimize whichever gamification feature they prefer for the broad spectrum of devices.

We have established the concept of giving players the option to elect their characters before the gameplay. On many of our brands, users choose a particular hero upon signing up, which comes with a specific collection of bonus choices. Moreover, the impressive evolution of VR technology has the power to take this approach to a whole new level.

4. Do you think that gamification can help the gambling industry to survive the imposition of tougher regulations? Will it help the industry become more about entertainment than financial gain?

Gamification may be the most effective means possible to operators for customer acquisition and retention. With regulations becoming more limiting in a diversity of markets, gamification is a meaningful way of keeping customers interested. That is to say, even in jurisdictions where the rules are particularly strict.

In this respect, one only needs to give a glance at the case of Sweden, where deposit limits were lowered to 100 SEK throughout the pandemic, to observe how much of a role gamification will play in the periods to come.

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