Ivan Lorinkov: The essence of improving player protection in the iGaming industry

June 17, 2021

1.In which way you advocate for an entertaining gambling experience without it converting into an addiction?

The VIP managers of the iGaming industry should do more to make sure that players are safe. Years of background in improving player protection have guided us to treating customers as human beings, rather than simply as a profit source.​

Gambling should be all about entertainment, relaxation, and fun. For that reason, our team diligently aims to assure that clients are approached with care and are completely shielded from the threats of problematic behavior.

2.Which red flags do you watch out for and what measures are taken in those circumstances?

The primary element to bear in mind is that there is a broad variety of possible indications to be alert of but to make the players aware of them, too.​

Warning signals should chime if a player is disbursing more than they can actually bear, and it’s not sufficient to only make them aware of responsible gaming tools are available. Instead, they should be actively encouraged to implement them by the customer service agents.

3.Is it optimistic to utilize real-time data to defy excessive gambling?

Absolutely. The hints of incautious or questionable demeanor are various and many-faced, and executing methods that can recognize those flags at an initial phase of the customer lifecycle is vital to both customers and operators.​

Player welfare is always at the peak of our order of precedence, as we pride ourselves to be a reliable gambling operator with responsible VIP managers. Naturally, this is deep-rooted in the everyday working practices of team members across the company.

4.In your opinion, what should the broader industry do to help with this matter?

Customers should never be pressured into gambling over their affordability limits. The COVID-19 uproar and the succeeding lockdowns enforced in markets all around the world forced a notable quantity of brick-and-mortar and local outlets to go out of business for an elongated time.

Alternately, that prompted a boost of activity for the virtual sector – but with an uptick in the audience comes larger responsibility. Individuals always have the right to be approached with delicacy and thought, and there is no cause for this not to be practiced in the iGaming industry.

5.What kinds of games do the present-day VIP clients fancy? In which way is responsible gambling encouraged in these games?

This solely depends on the particular player. Some opt for plain, classic-themed slots, while others favor enjoying more compound and all-around options with the most advanced leading-edge innovations. Just like with other customers, VIP favorites range broadly.​

Essential responsible gaming tools, like rules prohibiting operators to allow full-screen mode throughout the gameplay, or legal responsibilities to establish spending or time limits upfront, are a great place to start – but the industry must strive to do still more to safeguard the players.

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