Soft2Bet Third Birthday Circus Party

October 3, 2019

Soft2Bet turned 3 in September! To mark our anniversary we threw a fancy corporate event that left bright emotions and unforgettable memories in the hearts and minds of our guests!
September 12, 2019 – a beautiful warm afternoon, we locked the office doors before the end of our regular working day and the party fever started! Everybody went home early to get ready for the long-anticipated event. Girls, of course, were more exciting as they went to get their hairs and make up done, after all it was a not a usual Thursday evening!
7pm, awesome restaurant– let it all start! This year’s party theme was circus, so all guests were asked to have a dress code in certain colours and style. Men were all with formal shirts, suits and tuxedos, while ladies were mostly with formal dresses. To make it more circus-like, the dress code of many of the guests also included unusual accessories or eye-catchy additions to the make-up. Glitter, sparkles, wigs, hats, face and body paintings – nothing was excessive, it was a circus after all!
Now let’s get to the show! The enormous hall was all decorated like a ..circus! There were certain places in the hall with circus props where guests could take photos – a cherished memory from the magical night. Speaking of magic, circus performers were all around making spectacular shows – dancers, acrobats, jugglers, hoopers, artists, and you name it. The magician was the one who grabbed guests’ attention the most – what tricks did he do! No doubt that one of the top attractions was also the lady sword swallower! She squeezed massive blades down her throat during an extraordinary show. Wow!
But surprise did not end here! Maruv – one of the most popular Ukrainian singers was the icing on the cake! She did an amazing performance that all guests appreciated!
To wrap it up, we just want to thank all of you who came at our Soft2Bet Third Anniversary event and made September 12 a night to remember – our affiliate team welcomed guests from Malta, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Azerbaijan and Germany, employees from all our offices came to celebrate as well as partners from all around the globe. Thanks to all who could not make it but were by our side during these three years.
Cheers to many more years of growth and prosperity and… unforgettable parties like this one!

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