Soft2Bet Team Moves to New Malta Office

October 8, 2020

Soft2Bet team is expanding, and therefore so are our premises! Since December 2019, our team has tripled in size, and therefore we have found more suitable offices to suit our team's needs.

What Does it Look Like?

Very Spacious, lots of natural light, and a much more comfortable working environment for our employees. We have also abided to the Covid-19 office set-up requirements in order to promote a healthy sterilized working environment to all our team.

Improved Working Flow

The current set-up allows all Malta team members to work together under one roof, whilst ensuring that Covid-19 safe distances are being kept. Human Interaction was significantly missed during the past months, and therefore with these premises, we are sure that it will increase the overall efficiency, productivity of our employees. Still keeping a flexible working environment since we know it is key to employee success.

Main Benefits of The New Place

  • Centrally located, it’s very convenient for all team members and visitors who fly to Malta.
  • It’s very spacious. The overall floor-space is around 480sqm.
  • In the building, there’s an underground parking lot, directly accessible by elevator.
  • It offers a good number of meeting rooms, hence eliminating disturbance.
  • The roof area has an amazing garden, which can be used for the cooling down sessions at the end of the week.
  • Kitchen is well equipped, has healthy snacks, as well as a lunch area, enabling the team to interact during the lunch breaks.
  • The internal coffee shop sells light snacks and bites.

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