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June 12, 2020

With a track record of several successful B2B projects and 17 dynamic brands in our portfolio, we at Soft2Bet have gained a wealth of experience in the industry! This is crucial as it helps us offer our B2B partners cutting-edge solutions and guide them on their choice of unique brand features.


We’ve created a simple step-by-step process for you to follow.


Firstly, we send an extensive questionnaire that includes basic questions like preferred brand name, product type (casino or sportsbook), colour scheme, desired bonuses and promotions, any inbuilt gamification features, etc. Your answers will give us the perfect starting point from which we can build your brand identity.


Secondly, after we sign a partnership agreement, we will send you a checklist with basic preferences to gain a deeper understanding of your requirements and wishes.


Furthermore, one of the most important aspects of any online casino and sportsbook is without doubt the bonus system! In the questionnaire, we gather the basic information needed. At this point, we discuss various working scenarios and decide on the best solutions to make sure that your players will be highly motivated.


Having a perfect bonus system, unique brand design and features is cool, but you also have to promote them through affiliates. Using our experience, we can guide you on your choice of the best affiliate platform to match your expectations.


These pre-steps are needed to move to the implementation process. Here comes the magic! Our qualified and experienced professionals will do everything in their power to turn your dream casino/sportsbook into reality!After three months, what was once just an idea will have developed into a successful working website popular with online iGaming enthusiasts!


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