Rules for visiting the office

According to Soft2Bet Access Management Policy, you must follow the rules:

Visitors must be easily identifiable whilst they are visiting Soft2Bet and hosting locations premises e.g. different color badge. As a minimum:
•    It must be ensured that all visitors sign in, stating the time, date, and person they are meeting.
•    Visitors must be instructed to wear a visitors lanyard containing the issued access token at all times whilst in the building.
•    Visitors not wearing their visitors’ lanyard must be challenged by local Soft2Bet staff or hosting center staff.
•    Visitors must be escorted, where appropriate, whilst they are in the building (unless security cleared).
•    Visitors must return badge when they leave Soft2Bet premises or hosting center locations.

According to Soft2Bet Asset Management Policy, you must follow the rules:
All employees and external party users should return all of the organizational assets in their possession upon termination of their employment, contract or agreement.

According to Soft2Bet Acceptable Use of Assets Policy, you must follow the rules:All visitors must accept the Acceptable Use of Assets Policy before gaining network access Soft2Bet.

Soft2Bet visitors have access only to the guest Wi-Fi, there is no access to the Soft2Bet infostructure, and guests have access only to the Internet.You agree not to use the wireless network for any purpose that is unlawful and take full responsibility of your acts.

According to Soft2Bet Network Management Policy and General Information Security Requirements, you must follow the rules:
•    Passing of WIFI password by open communication channels (via skype, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
•    It is forbidden to use Torrent clients on the Company’s Soft2Bet network.
•    It is forbidden to use unlicensed software on the Soft2Bet network.
•    If public communication lines are used, the information must be encrypted to an appropriate level prior to transmission.  Both the owner of the information and the recipient must authorize the transmission beforehand.
•    It is strictly forbidden to connect network equipment on the territory of the Company Soft2Bet (switches, WiFi points, etc.).
•    Distribution of WiFi from the personal equipment is prohibited.

If necessary, you can request Soft2Bet policies from the IT Security Team (ST)