Email Deliverability Manager


Email deliverability is defined as the measurement andunderstanding of how successful a sender is at getting their marketing emailinto people`s inboxes. Email deliverability manager cares about preventive andreactive tasks to increase and keep emails inbox placement as high as possible.


·     In-depth understanding of the concept “email asa marketing tool”

·     Exposure into email industry with expertise inhandling ISP relations, blacklist monitoring, deliverability handling &email infrastructure management

·     In-depth understanding of the technicalprotocols like DKIM, SPF, CRP, FBL. Understanding of DNS ecosystem, SMTPprotocols, ESP delivery infrastructure

·     Exposure in Deliverability/Reputation monitoringand tracking Tools

·     Adopting proactive measures to resolve issuesfrom major blacklist agencies

·     Managing & resolving email deliverychallenges across major ISP’s and corporate domains

·     Mitigating ISP deferrals in MTA level. Settingup bounce management policies at MTA and customer level - as a plus

·     Liaisoning with email certification bodies - asa plus



·     Building a definite plan for IP/Domain warm-up,allocation, maintenances and compartmentalisation for a global customer base

·     In-depth understanding of the deliverabilitymonitoring tools for a better view of inbox placements across major ISPs

·     Taking corrective measures to improve the inboxdeliverability - Handling mail transfer agent configuration /optimisationacross major ISPs

·     Monitoring the MTA logs, Interpreting and takingcorrective measures

·     Implementation of an abuse audit process tosafeguard the server farms and mailing infrastructure

·     Providing email infrastructure guidelines to theproduct and engineering team to safeguard from potential risks

·     Recommend & Implement reputation managementstrategies across the client base

·     Up-to-date knowledge of the email marketingindustry with a core focus on deliverability management and knowledge

What weoffer:

·     Competitive salary and attractive bonus scheme

·     Working in a dynamic International company

·     Abilityof career and professional growth within the company.

·     Social benefits and team buildings

·     Sunny, spacious office.