Database Administrator

Limassol (Cyprus)

We are looking for a Database Administrator with MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster knowledge to join our team on a full-time basis.

✅ Requirements + nice to have:

✔️Experience with MySQL - at least 5 years
✔️Experience in administering Percona Xtradb Cluster (MariaDB Xtradb Cluster) - at least 3 years
✔️Experience in tuning and optimizing MySQL
✔️Skill to optimize SQL queries, build indexes
✔️Experience with Percona toolkit components
✔️Experience with Linux and its components - at least 3 years


✅ Duties and opportunities:

✔️Support for high-load clusters
✔️Help developers to optimize queries
✔️Monitoring the execution of backups
✔️Organization of asynchronous / semi-synchronous geographically distributed replications
✔️Monitoring of all subsystems using Zabbix


 We offer excellent benefits, including but not limited to:
✔️ Official employment
✔️ 20 workdays of paid vacation
✔️ Friendly team
✔️ Sunny, spacious office
✔️ Lots of opportunities for education and development within the company.

⏰ Full-time, in-house, flexible hours.
💵 Competitive salary
🏡 Office - Limassol, Cyprus.